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Planning The Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump

Exercises To Increase Vertical Jump

There are some goals that someone wants to achieve by doing exercises to increase vertical jump. Of course it is not something that you would do only for keeping your body healthy. This kind of exercise has its own purpose which depends on people who are doing it. For the example a basketball athletes, they need to do higher vertical jump in order to be able to do a dunk, advantage in rebound, or stealing the ball. The other example is also applied to the other athletes such as American Football. They of course need a higher vertical jump in order to be able to have good advantage in catching the ball.

Increasing the height of vertical jump is not an impossible mission. Vertical jump is not only a gift from you are born or a talent. It can be actually learnt by doing proper training. Like all training it needs to be learnt diligently so you can take the effect of the training. This article will help you in giving about what kind of exercises to increase vertical jump that is suitable for you. Hopefully it can increase your ability in vertical jump.

How To Measure Your Result From Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump?

Result From Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

First of all before we move to the type of exercise to increase vertical jump it would be better if we can measure the height of our jump first. Of course if there is no improvement in someone practice it will get boring. That is why we need to know how to measure how far your achievement is in order to stimulate your willingness to train. What you need only a friend to help you measure, a ladder and a chalk or permanent marker. Jump near a wall so your friend able to measure the height of your jump. Ask your friend for marking the result of your jump. If your jump gets better the mark will also get higher as your achievement fulfilled.

The Types Of Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

Types Of Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

Now we can start to know what kind of exercise to increase vertical jump that is available for helping you. First we have what it called box squats. Box squats give a certain strain to your leg by lifting a weight-lift on your back. Try from the lighter to the heavier for the further achievement in your training. If you are able to lift the heavier weight-lift it means that your jump is also able to be improved because the leg that you have train to squat now is used to lift your body weight.

The second type of exercise to increase vertical jump you can try to static stretch hip. Of course only doing box squat makes you feel bored. The static stretch hip gives stress to your knees so they are able to have more endurance while you are doing the jump. Do this type of exercise as the warming up of your activity because it does not give your knee too much stress like the box squat.

Besides the other exercise to increase vertical jump that has been mentioned above you can also do depth jumps for having a good result in your training. Depth jump will help the lower part of body muscle to activate. Besides it also teaches you to match the reaction time of catching air so you will not get easily tired when you have a lot of jumps to do. Try to do this besides the exercise that has been mentioned before in order to increase your stamina in vertical jumping.

Besides of all exercise to increase vertical jump make a frequent jogging in order to keep your leg from stiffness. A stiff leg that is only exercised for jump will make the flexibility and agility of your movement slower. Of course as an athlete we do not want that to be happened as it is able to affect much to our performance. On your everyday jogging you can also mix the steps of your jogging. You can control the steps of your jogging whether it is a jump or a fast step. It also train your leg to be more adapt to the different condition in a game play.

Things You Need To Know Before Doing Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

Doing Exercise To Increase Vertical Jump

If you think the exercise to increase vertical jump is really important, you need to know few things about the vertical jump. Remember that legs are vital part of body. And they are even more important to the athletes. So you need to keep the balance of your training. Do not force the capability or the limit of your legs. Sometimes people are just so greedy that they forget to care about themselves and over exercise. It will have bad impact to the body and if it went wrong will make your legs disabled.

Of course we do not want that our exercise to increase vertical jump goes wrong. That is why it is recommended for you to ask the expert or professional in training your jump if you want to get more serious. Try also to frequently make medical checkup in order to monitor how much you have done to your legs. If something bad happens it will be immediately known and the fast treatment will help you from further dangerous situation of the body.

Besides if you are still in a growing age like 12 to 20, where the body still in growing, these types of exercise to increase vertical jump may also have impact to your growth. Over stressing the leg may have big impact on the growth of your body. Try to limit your body and do not feel really confident just because you are not tired yet. Besides it can slow your growth, in the extreme situation there will also be other growth problem like the bone looks bend. The conclusion is that you need to be more careful in this kind of exercise because it may have big impact to a growing body.

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